My name is Lucy Rose Till-Campbell.

I'm pursuing a career as a freelance illustrator and storyteller. I am constantly trying new things, failing and learning along the way. Sometimes I feel completely incompetent and unworthy of achieving or even wanting this life and career for myself. But I also feel so strongly that this is the right thing for me to chase. 

Telling stories and using art to release my ideas and dreams feels so right, that despite the impostor syndrome I'm going for it.

Here's a little of my history:

I spent half of my formative years in the Chicago area, and the other half in the Czech Republic, where I studied illustration at Sřední Umělecká Škola, Ostrava. Now I live with my husband, Sheldon in Wheaton, Illinois. 


In addition to my degrees in Illustration and English Literature, my past experience includes three years of graphic illustration, a weekly comic strip, and layout design for the Wheaton Record, as well as an internship with Manibus Press. You can also find many years'-worth of my illustrations and writings on my blog.


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