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The Zine Club

Original Art in Your Mailbox Every Month

All I want to do is make art and stories for people who appreciate them. That's why one year ago I started my Zine Club and asked people to subscribe to receive my art in their mailbox once a month. 

In the first year I published short graphic novels, original art prints and even a screen printed tote bag! Each of these projects was sent directly to the home of a club member for them to enjoy. 

This has created a direct connection between my artwork and the people who appreciate it most. I get to surprise my readers once a month with something new and creative. 

Please consider becoming a part of this artistic journey and becoming a Zine Club Member as well. 

Printed Pink Towel

Join The Zine Club!

I am so proud to be able to self-publish my work and get it directly into the hands of the people who appreciate it most. If you would like to become one of those people push the "Subscribe Here!" button below.

The Zine Club

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